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What We Would Put in a Dating Profile

As the owners of Unicorn Innovations, we created our company seeking to help business owners through consulting, coaching and investing. We were sick and tired of average. Like most millennials (hopefully you don’t hate us just because we are millenials), we decided we weren’t going to do anything unless we were passionate about it. Now we, along with the entire Unicorn Products team, are passionate about helping consumers find cutting edge products from trustworthy brands.

Why Trust Our Team of Unicorns?

Because of our history working with hundreds of incredible businesses, we have a deep knowledge of what makes a successful brand and a quality product. In order to have a product featured on our site, we ask businesses to apply. Then we evaluate their products through our testing process and extensive research. We are here for you.

Boring, But Important Disclosures 

We started Unicorn Products for you, the consumer. We want you to know that we might earn affiliate commissions when you click a link on our website that takes you to a retailer. However, we always put you first. We only recommend products that we love and that we are willing to purchase ourselves.

Talk to Us

We want to hear from you! Please email info@unicorn-products.com

Pitch Our Team Of Sharks Unicorns

Is your product up to snuff? We would be happy to try it out! If it knocks our socks off (do Unicorns wear socks?) then we will contact you to begin the process of featuring your product on our site.

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