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Review of Hanacure: The All-Purpose Face Mask

The Purpose:

We tried Hanacure when we found out that celebrities like the Kardashians use it for its pore-reduction and anti-aging powers, but we found that it also gives your skin a fresh glow. Botanical ingredients like lotus leaf extract are responsible for this mask’s luminous results. Here’s how you can get results like we (and the Kardashians) do. 

The Process:

Open the perfectly designed box. Its clean and beautiful design would make it perfect for a gift (although we get it if you want to keep this beauty secret for yourself). 

Read the directions carefully. This isn’t Ikea furniture, so it’s simple, but we liked knowing how to use the mask and what to expect. 

Open the small vial and mix it into the square package. Yeah, the package that looks like it could contain jam for that buttery toast at your favorite diner. But with a prettier label on it. 

The mixture turns into an aloe-like substance that we think smells kind of like sake. Speaking of sake, we recommend having a glass after you apply the mask. It makes for a full sensory experience. 

Use the brush to apply the mask to your face, avoiding eyes and lips (trust us, it feels very weird if you don’t). The brush is soft and feels great against your skin.

You’ll feel the mask tighten almost immediately, but set a timer for 30 minutes. You might feel some itchiness which is completely normal.

Watch the mask turn you into a 90-year-old version of yourself while it works its magic. It may turn a shade darker than your skin and begin to crack. We pretended we were Groot, but you could go for Jim Carey in The Mask

Scare your loved ones by sending them a picture of your face. It’s hilarious. We promise.

Wash your face with warm water. It may cause slight redness for a very short period of time after rinsing. 

Check out your new glow, how any dark spots have lightened and how any fine lines have become almost non-existent.

Wow your loved ones by sending them a picture of your face. They’ll be jealous. We promise.

Moisturize with Hanacure’s moisturizer or with your favorite moisturizer. 

Repeat once weekly for four weeks. 

The Purchase:

You can buy the Hanacure All-in-one Set (4 treatments) for $110

The Proof:

I am always skeptical of buying online especially through Facebook, but to use a product that you can actually feel & see working was great! The packaging is even of higher quality. I am very impressed & very happy with my first application experience!!


I’ve been working on good skin health l quarantine, when a friend recommended this product. I’ve done my 3rd mask, and my skin has literally transformed. It’s less oily, hyperpigmentation is fading, my pores have shrunk, and my skin tone and texture is more even than it’s been in years. I cannot sing the praises for Hanacure loud enough! For the first time in years, I’ve felt comfortable enough to go sans makeup.


Within two weeks of using this product my skin has cleared up and my wrinkles have faded dramatically! I would recommend this to everyone! I have very sensitive skin and it does not break me out at all! It’s the only product I will use for my skin! No need for any other product!!


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