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Future Product Friday: Analog

When was the last time you changed HOW you write that never ending to-do list? Never? Now’s the time. This Kickstarter star is here to guide you through your tasks.

What it is: Analog is a customizable set of cards that come with a solid wood base. The three types of cards help you prioritize by dividing your tasks into Today, Next and Someday. The cards also have a system that help to keep track of the status of each task. And the wood base keeps your lists in sight for a quick reminder to stay on task.

Why we love it: We’re easily distracted. Picking up the phone to check our to-do list usually leads to scrolling through Pinterest or mindlessly watching an influencer’s 501 Insta stories. Handwritten lists keep us on task and organized.

“Analog helps me focus on what matters the most each day. The simple design and layout forces me to prioritize tasks. I love the simple color cues that help me quickly see what’s next and plan out big projects for the future.”

-Matt, Productivity YouTuber

What’s on your to-do list today? Comment below!

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