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What Your Self-Care Routine Is Missing

Bubble baths. Face masks. Hair treatments. Lighting a candle or two. The occasional glass of wine. These are really important (and enjoyable) ways to take care of yourself. But what about other aspects of well-being? Let us introduce you to an online course that focuses on 5 pillars to becoming your best self.

What it is: Inner Work is an online course uses proven methods to address the things that are necessary to self-care:

-physical -energetic -mental & emotional -knowledge -bliss

Why we love it: The course includes breathwork, body movement, journaling and meditation. Once you purchase this 3 session course, it’s available to you forever. This means you can redo the course whenever you’re feeling your inner self slip.

“I decided to prioritize self care but I had no idea what that even meant or where to start. Self care is a glass of wine in a bubble bath, right? Sure! But there’s so much more to it, and each person is unique. It highlights my personal strengths and weaknesses and helps guide me with suggested activities that I never would have thought of.” 


How do you practice self-care? Comment below.

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