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The Busy Beauty Enthusiast’s Must-Have

As makeup wearers, we know our nighttime routine is important for our skin right? Right. So we do our full skincare routine every single night right? Wrong. We get busy or we get lazy. Instead of giving up on the routine and laying your beautiful made up face on your pillow, use this shortcut to better skin.

What it is: Lauren Napier Cleansing Wipes are the makeup removing wipes your skin has been waiting for. They will make you forget the drugstore brand forever.

Why we love it: There are wipes based on your skin concerns such as oily, dry and aging. Plus the packaging is super chic and perfect for when you’re on-the-go.

“Stunning 💋🙌🏾 it’s AMAZING perfect for vacation , weekends away, and I used in hospital daily to feel just a little better on my skin no moisturizer. Just took my ‘Cleanse’… it’s literally in my top 5 all time beauty must haves”


These are a million times better than those baby wipes you’ve been using. Comment below with your best (or worst) beauty habits!

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