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The Nootropic Supplement You Need

What are nootropics even? We didn’t know either until we tried them and fell in love with the results. Nootropics are also known as “Smart Drugs”. They are supplements that can enhance your focus, memory and the speed of your brain functions. This supplement backed by Joe Rogan is in high demand and we can tell you why.

What it is: Alpha Brain by Onnit is a nootropic supplement that is made with clinically tested ingredients that support your brain. It helps you enter the focused yet creative state of mind everybody strives for but only few can master without a boost from Alpha Brain.

Why we love it: It is caffeine free, leaving you free of jitters and anxiousness. Plus Onnit offers a subscription, which means event though you would remember to order it, you don’t have to because it’s automatically shipped to you.

“I wasn’t sure if this supplement would work. I definitely had my reservations before ordering, but after a month of use, I can say that my energy and focus levels have most definitely increased as has my ability to retain the information I am learning. This has helped with me with my public discussion, reading comprehension, and athletics. Also worth mentioning that I haven’t experienced any side effects to speak of.”


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