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A Morning Routine Game-Changer

If you’re looking for softer skin and easier mornings, we’ve got just what you need. This handmade organic body scrub is infused with citrus oils which are certain to give you a cheerful start to your day.

What it is: Organic Bath Co. Zesty Morning Body Scrub is the greatest exfoliant to ever grace our showers. Made with organic ingredients, this moisturizing scrub makes our skin and our days smoother and brighter.

Why we love it: They make other scrubs that are perfect no matter what kind of mood you’re in. Check out their PeaceFull and Java Jolt scrubs too!

“I’m a huge fan of this scrub because of how effective it is. I find scrubs can sorta “melt” away as you rub them on your skin, but not this one. It also smells so incredibly delicious and refreshing. Love!”


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