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Future Product Friday: Cheat Sheets by Prepd

Sheetpan dinners are a fantastic idea. One pan and all of your proteins and veggies are cooked. But sheet pan dinners are only appealing until you see that none of the items are cooked exactly how you like them. This Indiegogo product will solve all of your sheet pan woes.

What it is: Cheat Sheets are non-stick silicone dividers that are completely oven-safe. Perfect for food prep! They make it so items with different cook times can be added to the pan at the perfect time.

Why we’re excited about it: Silicon kitchen products are known for how easy they are to clean. These sheet pan dividers will mean less time doing dishes, which leaves more time for our team of Unicorns to discover new products!

Cheat Sheets is scheduled to ship products to customers that support their crowdfunding in October of 2020.

What’s the first thing you’d cook for us using these? Comment below!

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