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How to Wake Up With Better Hair

Summer weather is in effect in most states and we’re here for it! Bring on the sunshine, the beach and folks complaining about how hot it is. Speaking of complaining, we we tired of complaining about our frizzy hair when the humidity levels rise. This simple solution put a stop to that!

What it is: Blissy™ is a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase that is naturally both hypoallergenic and ultra-smooth.

Why we love it: It’s as simple as slipping it on your pillow. Boom. No tangles and frizz in the morning! Plus, it comes in a wide range of colors and sizes so it’s suited for kings and queens and everyone in between.

I have purchased good quality silk pillow cases. Blissy is the bomb!!! The quality is what is immediately noticeable. Thick and smooth not like other brands! I really do sleep better. My completion looks great and my hair is amazing every morning. I can’t explain it, my hair just looks like I can just go out without styling. So glad I splurged!!! Read more about review stating Hair is silky soft every morning! Oh, did I mention I’m 65???


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