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Future Product Friday: Cheerble Board Game

This Kickstarter-famous board game isn’t for you or your kids. It’s for your cat! Or cats, if you’re that kind of person.

What it is: Cheerble makes a lightweight board that provides ample room for playing and napping, along with a super smart rechargeable ball. The board is made of material that is usually used for scratching posts, so your cat can multitask with Cheerble.

Why we’re excited about it: Cats have grown accustomed to (yet are still annoyed about) the fact that most folks are working from home. This interactive game will keep pets busy all day long once you return to the office. The ball can even sense when it gets backed into a tight corner and will move itself to where your cat can reach it.

“One important design consideration was that living and thinking animals need toys with a smart component to them.”


Order an interactive board and ball for your cat(s) today. Orders will likely be fulfilled in August of 2020.

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