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Upgrade Your Underarms

It’s 2020. Admit it. You’ve been using the same deodorant for at least 10 years. Now’s the time to try something new.

What it is: Each&Every makes deodorant with simple ingredients that have names you can pronounce. No need to keep applying aluminum, parabens and phthalates to your underarms because unlike most natural deodorants, it works wonders.

Why we love it: The scents are AMAZING. If you prefer unscented, that is an option too. Plus, they offer both a rewards program AND a subscription that provides a discount. Our sparkly wallets and our armpits are happy.

“it actually works!! the first natural deodorant that actually works! did I say it actually works!?! Love it and will most certainly be buying again. I bought the mini pack with 4 different fragrances and I like them all!”


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