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Future Product Friday: Jammy EVO

Imagine making an entire song using only one extremely portable instrument that looks like the neck of a guitar. It’s now a possibility and musicians are freaking out about this smart instrument.

What it is: Jammy EVO is a MIDI controller that can be used by guitar players to translate their skills to any type of instrument like drums or the organ. It has steel strings and the feel of a regular guitar. It also has accurate polyphonic tracking and the ability to filter out mistakes, which means less time manually editing, and more time pretending you’re Jimi Hendrix.

Why we’re excited about it: It’s ease of use is off the (Billboard) charts. Simply connect it to your phone, your tablet or your computer using Bluetooth or USB-C. And it works with any DAW (such as GarageBand), notation software or virtual instrument that accepts MIDI input.

Jammy EVO has reached twice their goal on Kickstarter in about 2 days.

Comment below with the instrument you’ve been too lazy to learn. 

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