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The App You Need to Fight Hustle Culture

What is hustle culture? It’s the glamorization of overworking yourself, causing you to consistently choose work over your health. But life is boring when your only answer to “How have you been?!” is “Busy”.

How can you fight hustle culture fatigue? Take time out of your busy, busy schedule to focus on your health. We’ve found the app that can help you do this.

What is it: Aura is a meditation, sleep story, life-coaching and mindfulness app. And throughout the day it reminds you to take short breaks for a few deep breaths. It also has a mood tracking feature that helps you see patterns in how you’re feeling.

Why we love it: The meditations are as short as 3 minutes, which makes de-stressing accessible for even the busiest unicorn.

“I absolutely love what I hear when I get to hear them: the meditations are awesome, the instructions are pertinent and informative! There are several to choose from so if one isn’t to your liking for that moment then surely one of the others are… And I L-O-V-E the periodic ‘breathe innnnnnn, breathe ooooouuuuut’ video clip reminder that pops up!!”

-User: MahaloEva

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