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26 Essentials You and Your Family Need as America Reopens

The majority of states have begun to reopen or will be reopening soon. After spending weeks relentlessly washing your hands, living in sweatpants and socializing via the internet, you may want to make a few changes. We’ve compiled a list of products that will help you by:

This List’s Most Popular Products:
Snow Teeth Whitening Kit
Onnit 6 Work Out Program
New Mood Supplement
Mobile Klean UV Light

Products to Monitor Health

  1. 1. Fever Patrol: An accurate infrared no-touch thermometer

Why we love it: It works great for both kids and adults, and it’s impossible to use that Ferris Bueller thermometer stunt. It can also be used to check the temperature of formula or baby food.

“It’s the only accurate thermometer I’ve found! I used it on my son and found his temperature was slowly rising, so I took him to the hospital. I showed the doctors the temperature readings and they treated him right away!”


2. Fever Patrol Ring: A ring that keeps track of body temperature

Why we love it: It’s lightweight and waterproof, which means it’s perfect for all that hand washing you’re doing. And like it’s counterpart above, it works for both kids and adults.

“The ring looks great, its stylish for sure. Its nice to have support during this time with a free ring. I got the large and gave it to my husband and ordered medium for myself.”


3. Blaux Oxi Level: Portable and easy to use pulse oximeter

Why we love it: Because we learned what an oximeter does (it measures the level of oxygen in your blood). And it’s a noninvasive tool that attaches to any family member’s finger.

“I LOVE that this device is so small and portable. I can put it in my bag and take it with me wherever I go. I like to check my levels periodically throughout the day, and having such a small device makes it easy to test my levels anytime I want – no matter where I am.”


Products to Keep your Home Squeaky Clean

4. Sterilize X: Home disinfection UV lamp

Why we love it: It works against harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viral DNA and RNA on surfaces and in the air in just 30 minutes. It will disinfect an entire room before you can watch an entire episode of The Circle.

I work in water sanitization and use UVC all the time. I never thought you can make it so small and portable – apparently I was wrong! The lamp is great, doing its job. Thank you, 10/10!


5. Blaux In Home Air Filter: Air purifier that plugs into any standard outlet

Why we love it: It ionizes and deodorizes air using a charcoal filter, helping with bacteria, allergens and viruses.

“I’ve always been paranoid about the quality of air I’m breathing in. Thanks to the Blaux Air Cleaners, I know I’m getting cleaner air, not just scented air. However, I really do enjoy the smell of the linen charcoal filters. Very pleasing to the senses.”


6. Mobile Klean: Portable and compact UV sanitizer

Why we love it: It looks like an innocent book light, but it is hardcore. It kills bacteria and viruses with ultraviolet light. It can be used on all surfaces and will help keep your family healthy.

“Traveling for business across the country has its perks but staying in hotels isn’t necessarily one of them. I use my Mobile Klean all the time on taps, handles, remotes, everything! I even bring it out on the flight before I buckle up. Time is money and I can’t afford to be sick. Mobile Klean goes where I go.”


7. Shine Bathroom Assistant: Simple gadget that automates cleaning & maintenance

Why we love it: Because nobody likes to do the job it does. It automatically cleans and deodorizes toilets with zero chemicals. Plus, it only takes two minutes to install.

“Wow! The potential of Shine bathroom has taken the most dreaded chore of my wife’s hands and eliminated the toxic chemicals used in cleaning a house full of boys! You’ve made this so simple and eco friendly! Thank you Shine!”


Products to Manage your Stress

8. Aura Health: App with over 1000 3-7 minute meditations

Why we love it: It’s perfect when you’re short on time. The app allows you to choose between meditations, sleep stories and coaching sessions based on your mood. They even offer a free 7 day trial.

“I love the three-minute meditations for days when I’m really rushed, and I listen to the life coaching or stories back-and-forth on my way to work and throughout the day as a pick me up. I found myself reaching for my phone to turn this app on multiple times a day – something I could never say with its competitors. I’ve never paid for an app before, but this one is absolutely worth it.”


9. New Mood: Daily supplement that relaxes your body and mind

Why we love it: It supports natural serotonin production and increases focus using natural ingredients like chamomile flower and jujube seed. It’s like a spa day in pill form.

“A great product to help shed the stressors of a busy day. Within a short period it really does create a calming mood and i’ve noticed my sleep quality has improved exponentially. I would recommend this to anyone and especially those who have intense high performing daily lives like I do. This product will help with that wind down you need.”


Products to Help you get 8 Hours

10. Hoomband: A comfortable headband with hidden headphones that tells you bedtime stories

Why we love it: It makes you look like you’re headed to the slopes in Aspen. But most importantly, unlike most headphones, this is comfortable enough to wear all night. And the app has 20 hours of meditations and stories created by sleep specialists.

“This product is magical! The app was easy to install and set up, the headband is super comfy and the sound is extremely soothing. I have trouble falling asleep almost every night and this headband sounded like a good alternative to sleeping pills, I used it yesterday and I fell asleep really fast, and woke up completely rested

I’m looking forward to exploring other stories and meditation sounds”


11. Dodow: A metronome light that aids in falling asleep

Why we love it: It is small and foolproof! The rhythmic halo of light on the ceiling will slow and then stop your anxious thoughts.

“I bought the Dodow for my mother who had significant problems falling asleep. She had tried many different things for her insomnia but nothing worked until she tried the Dodow! She just loves it, she is 82 years old and finds it very easy to use and within a few days saw a difference. She has been using it for the past 2 months and has seen significant improvement in her sleeping pattern.She falls asleep much more quickly and, if she wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, she turns on the Dodow and within a short period of time she falls back to sleep.We are so happy to have discovered the Dodow and highly recommend it. “


Products to get you Ready to Face the World

12. Blissy: 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase

Why we love it: It’s expert approved. Hair stylists and dermatologists agree that this pillowcase does wonders for skin and hair, preventing tangles and wrinkles. The silk also helps keep your skincare products on your face and off of your bedding.

“”I love this pillowcase. It actually does such a good job of rubbing up against my face at night it has reduced my acne on my right cheek embarrassingly well. It makes my hair look so much better because it doesn’t tangle as much. It feels sleek and looks absolutely fabulous. Be careful cleaning it though, it can leech dye if left in water for too long. When you wash it you want to be through, quick, and let it air-dry. I’m buying a second one because winter will make air-drying take longer. Even if the maintenance is a little tougher than usual I think it’s worth all it’s benefits.”


13. Hanacure: At-home facial that reveals better skin with every use

Why we love it: This facial mask handles any and all skin concerns, leaving skin much better than it was found. Plus, you get to look kind of creepy while you let it work its magic.

“Best product ever. Have tried a few other creams, etc. with no results. This product is amazing. Used it once and the lines over my upper lip (due to smoking) decreased. Ordered more since the first time results were truly amazing. Try it, you WILL like it.”


14. Snow: Celebrity approved at-home teeth whitening system

Why we love it: Celebs like Floyd Mayweather use it, so we do too. It’s easy to use and takes less than 10 minutes. Plus, it doesn’t cause sensitivity like some of its competitors.

“I’ve been using it about a month now. Every few days or so. I just finished my first wand and my teeth are 3 shades whiter! I just started my second tube today! I’ve already recommended it to my friends and family.”


15. No BS: High quality skin care products without nasty ingredients

Why we love it: Honestly, we just really like the name. Seriously though this stuff will make your skin feel great. And the company provides an excellent tutorial on their website explaining each product and how to use it.

“I can really feel it working on the grime on my face and I loooove how my skin feels afterwards. I use the no bs toner after and its like the best combo. Great product!”


16. INH Hair: Celebrity approved sleek ponytail hair extensions

Why we love it: First of all, we want to be like Ariana Grande, and she wears INH Hair ponies. Second, glowing up with a beautiful ponytail (and perfect skin) is the best way to come out of quarantine.

“This is my first ponytail, and also my first INH product and I’m super in love! Good quality and good length. The color match perfectly with my hair color. Thanks a lot to the color matching help via instagram! And of course, the packaging it’s lovely!”


17. Allel DNA Skin: DNA test for skin care

Why we love it: This test tells you everything you need to know about your skin. They use SCIENCE, not just a Cosmo magazine, to determine exactly what your skin needs to fight aging.

“I’ve been using Allel for about 6 months now and have completely seen a difference in my skin! I notice a huge improvement in the way my makeup sits on my face, I feel it stays on longer and goes on smooth! Also, I’ve never had a more hydrated and natural glow to my skin…If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan!”


18. LureEssentials Glam: Facial cupping kit that rejuvenates your skin

Why we love it: The cups address literally every possible concern you might have about your skin- wrinkles, blemishes, puffiness, dark circles… Must we go on? And their website provides all of the instructional videos you could ever need.

“Love the Glam face cupping set , I have only used it for a week and can see improvement already”


19. Harry’s: Sharp and durable razors shipped directly to you

Why we love it: You know the saying “you get what you pay for”? Frankly, this razor brand defies it. Harry’s delivers razors that are sharp and sharp-looking along with products that suit your shaving needs.

“I swooped in on this deal because I’ve liked Harry’s for a long time but never had the need to switch from Gillette. I lost my old razor, used cheap disposables for a few months, and now I can stick with a good brand for a while. The handle rubberized so it has a nice grip, and it’s heavy enough that I don’t need to apply pressure while shaving (=less razor bumps). The replacement blades are cheaper than other store brands. The design and color choices mean I can feel good about leaving this on my bathroom counter.”


20. RXGenysis: Professional-grade skin care designed by a doctor

Why we love it: These products give you dermatologist grade results without leaving home. They were designed to address the needs of a variety of patients. And were tested in a double-blind clinical study at Princeton so you know it’s really smart skin care.

“Awesome products, awesome science behind them, but more importantly it’s just a simple 3-step regimen.”


22. Creaclip: Tool that helps you maintain your haircut at home

Why we love it: As seen on Shark Tank! This handy tool is perfect during a time when most salons are closed. It will leave the whole family’s hair with a fresh trim, no bowl cut necessary.

In love!!! I’m too much of a tight @ss to pay to gave someone cut my kids hair. This tool just made it even simpler to do the cuts myself!!


23. Beenigma: Celebrity approved manuka honey and bee venom anti-aging cream

Why we love it: First of all, it’s really cool to be able to say you put bee venom on your face daily. Second, it’s really cool to be able to say you use the same skin care product as Gwenyth Paltrow. Third, they never harm bees when harvesting materials to make this super effective face cream.

“Final verdict – After three weeks Beenigma turned a couple of skeptics into believers. In the three weeks she has been using the product her opinion has completely reversed and now she is recommending it to her friends and family. Highly Recommended. 5 Stars.”


Products to Keep Having Fun at Home

24. Tikitunes: Speaker with flickering LED lights inside

Why we love it: It creates the perfect porch party atmosphere and has a 6 hour battery life, although tons of reviews report up to 10 hours. You can pair two Tikitunes speakers together for stereo sound. It’s lit! (by LED lights)

“Purchased 5 for my family members. The sound quality is really good, the ambient light is a nice touch, the overall look of the speaker is very nice and it’s easy to sync. Very happy with this purchase and have recommended it to friends.”


25. Onnit 6: At-home, equipment-free work out

Why we love it: You can get the whole family involved! This 6 week workout program not only addresses physical fitness, but mindfulness and nutrition as well. It might be time to put down the Goldfish crackers and get your family movin’.

“Right off the bat, my clothes started fitting better, and I had more physical as well as mental endurance.”



26. Seedsheets: Easy organic herb garden project

Why we love it: Anyone can use it! You and your family can watch these herbs grow on your balcony, in your kitchen or in your backyard. Teach your kids that growing herbs can be simple, fun and isn’t always illegal.

“Way, way easy to use. Perfect for patio, balcony or other places where an in-ground or raised-bed garden are not practical. Good idea for sharing the growing process with children. I am going to give as a gift next year at the start of growing season.”


Comment below and tell us what you’re looking forward to doing the most once everything is open again!

P.S. We believe in being 100% transparent with everything we do. Unicorn Products may collect a commission from the business who makes the above product if you make a purchase after clicking one of the above links. We only recommend products that we 100% love after testing ourselves and believe are truly worthy of the Unicorn Product label!

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