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Help Your Kid Become The Next Lebron With This ‘Smart’ Basketball

In-and-Out, Hesitation, Fake Spin. No, these aren’t fast food chains or Justin Bieber’s latest singles. These are the moves you and your kid can learn with this basketball and app combo.

What it is: Dribble Up is a basketball that works alongside an app that has ball-handling games and drills for athletes of all ages and skill levels. The app provides targets to help you perfect the moves you need to school your toughest opponents, like that fierce 9 year old who lives up the block. It also gives you feedback (even though sometimes you won’t want to hear it) and works on both phones and tablets.

Why we love it: Dribble Up connects to TVs if you use Chromecast or Apple TV. Plus, there’s a soccer ball and medicine ball version available for those who want to increase their skill set and fitness level.

“We love this!! Great motivation to work on skills. My 11 year old was up at 9am doing drills!! Love the live videos!!”


Comment below with your favorite point guard of all time, with a move you want to master, or who you’re going to beat at 1v1 next.

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