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The Wine Drinker’s Dream

Wine has been around for centuries. Since 7000 BC people have been using grapes to make a fermented drink. There’s even a bottle that is over 1600 years old in a museum in Germany (and we definitely don’t recommend drinking that). But how often are humans changing up the wine game? Here’s the brand that is.

What it is: Usual crafts 6.3 ounce bottles of wine that naturally have no added sugars or sulfites. This means you won’t have to wear sunglasses inside the grocery store on Sunday. The bottles are perfect for a fresh, generous pour every single time.

Why we love it: The wine is seasonably and sustainably made with grape varieties from all over California. Plus, it’s delivered right to our doors. MONTHLY. The mixed pack is our favorite. Have some red or some rosé. Or brut when you’re feeling fancy. 

“I was looking for wine that would help me lower my sugar intake. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how these would turn out but they are wonderful. Not too sweet but definitely not too dry or bitter. The Brut is PERFECT for mimosas :)”


Share this with all the friends you usually share bottles of wine with. Tell them there are new rules.

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