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People Are Raving About This 6 Week Home Workout Program

Unless you’ve got a home gym like Mark Wahlberg, you might be struggling to get an effective daily sweat sesh. This 6 week at-home workout program will get you ready to emerge from isolation with more strength, flexibility and a balanced mindset. 

What it is: Onnit 6 is a workout program that uses no equipment aside from your phone or computer, although we recommend using a yoga mat. The amount of sweat that will end up on your floor is likely a hazard. Trust us. This isn’t just a few Jazzercise videos either. This is a holistic video series that focuses not only on your strength, endurance and flexibility. It focuses on your mindset and nutrition too. 

Onnit is a company that focuses on human optimization, so they also create quality supplements like Alpha Brain.

Why we love it: The coaches are super motivating. And jacked. Plus, once you complete this program once, twice, or thirty-three times, you can level up. There are two additional at-home programs offered by Onnit that use minimal equipment.

“After feeling the way I felt after Onnit 6, I wanted to feel like that all the time.”


Feel how Chris feels. Or maybe how Mark Wahlberg feels.

Accountability is a key factor in sticking with a fitness routine. Share this with your accountability buddy!

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