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5 Of Our Favorite Supplements Of 2020

1. Onnit’s Alpha Brain

A three in one dietary supplement that helps with memory and focus, Alpha Brain promotes optimal brain function while supporting a healthy brain environment with herbal extracts and select ingredients that optimize neural communication.       

Helpful Review: “It seems to fire up your brain at a higher RPM level… I feel like it helps me form sentences better.”

Joe Rogan

2. PuraTHRIVE’s Keto Balance

The answer to how to keep your body in ketosis, Keto Balance uses powerful, pure ingredients to help your body reach ketosis faster than with diet alone, break through the keto diet plateau, burn fat and boost your energy, by balancing out the fats, Omega 3’s and MCT’s your body needs to achieve a ketogenic state.                                   

Helpful Review: “I am so relieved and happy this stuff does what is says it does and tastes amazing. The science is there, and I love knowing I’m getting the proper combination of fats.”


3. Primal Harvest’s Turmeric Complex

An all natural supplement that aids with joint health and mobility, Turmeric Complex also promotes hearth health and radiant skin, supports brain health and weight loss, and maintains healthier metabolism, increased mood, healthy cholesterol levels, and healthy inflammation responses.                                                                

Helpful Review: “After taking only one pill for two days, my knees feel GREAT! I’m able to climb the ladders again and work with no throbbing pain in my knee. I would not have believed it if I hadn’t tried this for myself…”

Lauren O.

4. Onnit’s New Mood

A daily supplement to help you navigate everyday stresses, New Mood supports the body’s natural production of serotonin promoting a healthy response to stress while encouraging healthy sleep habits and supporting heart and bone health.         

Helpful Review: “There is no other mood supplement that I recommend for my thousands of clients, my family, and even myself. New Mood’s ability to work with the body to help safely modulate mood, and facilitate the reduction of daily stress is second to none.”

Dr. Dan Engle, MD

5. PuraTHRIVE’s Curcumin Gold

An anti-inflammatory supplement, Curcumin Gold supports liver health, healthy aging and immune system function; aids in digestion; and promotes cardio and brain health, while also helping to prevent degenerative joint disease, cancers and diabetes.                                                                                                                 

Helpful Review: “I currently have taken the Curcumin Gold for 1 month and although I have noted less joint pain, I have seen some other benefits! I have noticed my skin and hair to be noticeably softer, the skin on my hands and face have improved texture, softness, and reduced wrinkles.”


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